How to Live a Luxurious Lifestyle

Luxury is simply something that you cannot afford. This is some heard rhetoric. Any way to put it simply: luxury is leaving a little bit more off the edge than the average man. For example, it might be taking vacations every year. Not so many people do that. To Paris even, which is really expensive? Just switching cities by train in this part of the world could be a month’s salary to somebody else. A luxury is something that adds something to your quality of life.


A lot of luxury has to do with stuff. It might be the latest gadget like a phone with all its new cool features. It might be that dress from the east that’s silk with all its proper tacks and hems. It might be the latest dish washer. Somehow because it’s a luxury as it makes us feel a little better about ourselves and what we are gaining from it as compared to other people that don’t have. Since it is visible, lot‘s sparked about it. If for example, you have this vintage bike, it’s sure to raise a lot of eye brows and generate attention.


This might include going to a spa, massage or even as earlier mentioned, going for a trip to a world famous city. In addition, acquire a family doctor or lawyer who attends to your service. These are services that are out of reach for a majority of citizens. Nowadays in malls, they have these seats that massage you as you wait. This is also a way of relieving stress and also a social phenomenon as people suggest it as an outing to their circle of friends. To some, they view from a distance and dream to someday be able to have such money and flash it better to things that add value instead.


This is a luxury that is not visible. For instance, if you’re a famous figure because of what you do and people always identify with that and they shower you with attention and sometimes with stuff as a result of it. This is a luxury that most people cannot afford. With the advent of social media, these have raised it a bar higher. People have received honorary degrees and doctorates even without going to school because of either their work or work ethic.


This is a luxury that may not be seen as a luxury but because of its inclusive nature is one of the best luxuries. For example the Laundromat in the states where you have this public washing machine where people insert coins and have your clothes washed. A washing machine costs money you may not afford it.

People chat during this rounds and also creates a sense of belonging. Places like YMCA where for example you might have a tennis court for free or at a remarkably cheap price can be this form of luxury. Also, companies giving back to communities like some supermarkets in the States periodically give stuff to the homeless.

Find out the luxury that you can be able to support. Sometimes it takes a little sacrifice.