What Does Luxury Mean to You?

When I think of the word luxury my mind is bombarded with thoughts of money, glamour, prestige, beauty and indulgence. But what does the word luxury mean to you?

They say an image is worth a 1000 words. Often when people think of this one word - images appear in their mind. However, finding the words to describe those images is not always an easy task. If you are anything like me your images include overseas hidden paradise locations, flashy diamond jewelry, runway super models dressed to impress, fancy and expensive spots cars, private jets, your own personal pilot, lots of dollars in the bank, etc. Sure you get the picture. I think of luxury as an explosive gorge on the senses. Pure indulgence. The life of the rich and famous.

But for me to assume that this is how everyone feels is narrow-minded. Sure I think my thoughts are fairly common so I would expect most people to think the same way. But with over 7 billion people in the world not everyone thinks the way I do, not everyone is average or normal. Everyone is a unique individual.. One that has there own thoughts and interpretations.

Luxury to you may mean getting some quite time with your loved ones or family. Luxury may be achieving a life long dream, which for you could be anything! Luxury may be related to a material item such as an opulent piece of jewelry. Or it could be as simple as getting your hair cut and styled like your favorite movie star, or pop idol.

You see luxury does not have to be about material items, but instead it can be more about how that item makes you feel. If you can get the same feeling from helping someone out, that's great. Maybe you need to get that feeling by travelling to an exotic overseas destination. Or maybe you can get that same feeling from your own home if you achieve the right mix of interior decorating. If this is the case you could achieve a feeling of luxury for a fraction of the cost.

And what about all the chocolate lovers out there. I know that when you have been restricting yourself from eating too much chocolate and then you reward yourself when you have reached your goal. Or maybe just spoilt yourself instead! You feel a pure sense of indulgence, a feeling like total enjoyment. Some would describe such an experience like heaven!

So you see the term luxury really can have different meanings to each person. Even with this in mind I know my standpoint on it. Sad to say but I am excited by flashy toys, gadgets and technology. So for me it is a combination of material things and a feeling of indulgence I get. For you? What does luxury mean to you?

Once you identify this for yourself, put some plans in place so that you can achieve this. Whatever this is for you. Make time to spend with your family, or give back to the community. Or if you are like me, madly save so you can afford that splash of cash to achieve a sense of luxury.