Some of the Best Destinations for Golf Holiday

Golf is a sport that is associated with luxury and wealth. Well, this is true as many of those in the sport as a past time are prominent business people, politicians and celebrities. If you are planning on going on a golf holiday, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to these destinations. There are many of them across the globe that you can choose from.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

One of the top destinations for a luxurious golf holiday is the Myrtle Beach in South Carolina, USA where there are over a hundred golf courses. One thing you are assured of is that you will have a golf course that suits your budget.
The quality is outstanding and paired with a high end accommodation option, your golf holiday will be worth every second you spend in Myrtle Beach.

Malaga, Spain

As a golf enthusiast who wants an extraordinary experience in Spain, you should head down to Malaga. Besides the rich historical value the area holds, you will enjoy golfing in the beautiful scenery it has to offer. It’s easy to see why Malaga is a favorite destination for many golfers.
This is where the largest golf resort in the country is located and the country has some of the best golf resorts in the world.

St. Andrews and Fife, Scotland

With high quality golf courses, St. Andrews & Fife are a must visit for golf enthusiasts. A combination of a quality golf course and plenty of them to choose from with several attractions to visit and spectacular landscapes to admire will make your golf holiday an unforgettable one.
This is an area that has what every golfer could be looking for. St. Andrews and the surrounding areas are famous for world class golf courses making them a perfect destination for a golf holiday.


Being one of the best destinations to have any kind of vacation, Dubai has plenty of golf courses that you can choose from. Paired with the beautiful scenery, gigantic buildings, luxury and different golf courses to choose from, Dubai offers a world class experience for golf lovers.
This is home to a luxury golfing community known as the Jumeirah Golf Estates that offers courses for all levels of golfers.

Each golf course will offer you a unique experience. Whether it is a long vacation that you are planning or just a weekend getaway, these golf resorts have all that you could be looking for.